Success Stories

On this page, we are honoured to share personal stories from the clients, volunteers, donors and community partners who are #BuildingStrongFamilies with us.


“I remember exactly where I was standing and even what I was wearing when I first heard about Louise Dean Centre. I was in my first year of teaching in Calgary about 20 years ago and I knew then that Louise Dean was where I was meant to be. It still gives me goose bumps; . . . Continue Reading

March 13, 2018


“Two years ago we attended the UP & Away Charity Gala as representatives of the Calgary Catholic Teachers Charity committee. The evening had a profound impact on us. We listened to a recent graduate of the Louise Dean Centre speak about her journey as a single mother and the integral role that Catholic Family Service . . . Continue Reading

March 1, 2018


Cat: “I am a recovering addict. In April, I will be sober two years. When I was in treatment, I met the former principal of Louise Dean Centre. When she heard I was a mom, she said I should register at Louise Dean. The school itself is super supportive. With all the one-to-one support, I’m . . . Continue Reading

February 22, 2018


“I started attending Louise Dean Centre in the spring of 2008. In Grade 9 and expecting a baby boy in a few months . . . I was full of a range of emotions. I had to change schools, adjust to a new environment and make new friends. But I couldn’t dwell on the past; . . . Continue Reading

February 7, 2018


“I attended Louise Dean Centre for one semester in the Fall of 1971. I was 17 and married. My personality at the time – I was quite introverted and a bit sad – wouldn’t have let me go to a regular high school while I was pregnant. At Louise Dean, there were no worries about . . . Continue Reading

January 25, 2018


“At the end of September, I attended Catholic Family Service’s 60th anniversary celebration. I must say that it was much like going home and being reunited with family. My employment at Catholic Family Service from 2006 – 2012 was indeed rewarding and meaningful. Initially, I was employed as a provisional psychologist to complete the 1,500 . . . Continue Reading

December 19, 2017


“A few years ago, we sought out counselling at Catholic Family Service because our then five-year-old daughter heard a scary item on the radio. It was a horrendous story about a woman who had been kidnapped. It never occurred to me that my little girl would be listening in the back seat. That night, she . . . Continue Reading

December 5, 2017


“I started at Louise Dean Center in 2005, two months after my son was born. Grade 11 with a baby? Stroller parking, breastfeeding between assignments, all girl classes? While my friends were out travelling and attending parties, I was learning which baby foods to introduce, changing diapers and budgeting for groceries. Louise Dean Centre and . . . Continue Reading

December 4, 2017


“When I signed up to volunteer at Catholic Family Service, I was just beginning my first year of the Bachelor of Education program at St. Mary’s University. I knew that I enjoyed working with children and I wanted to do as much volunteer work with them as possible during the school year. My assignment was . . . Continue Reading

November 28, 2017


“For much of his life, my Dad, Frank Bach, felt gratitude for his association with Catholic Family Service. Although his tenure as its director extended from 1965-1968, his journey began in the autumn of 1956, when Fr. Pat O’Byrne, with characteristic vision and resolve, opened a door . . . Fr. Pat visited Wenatchee, Washington . . . Continue Reading

September 21, 2017

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