The programs and services offered at Catholic Family Service (CFS) focus on prevention and/or early intervention. Empowering parents, creating success in school and improving people’s mental health and well-being are all intended to get at the bigger picture. Our ultimate measures of success are to reduce incidences of domestic violence, poverty, depression and substance abuse, increase social inclusion and strengthen neighbourhoods.

In 2017, we helped more than 9,000 people break the cycle of vulnerability.

Our 20+ programs use evidence-based approaches, including:

  • trauma-informed interventions to address the root cause of issues
  • empowerment to contribute to recovery and improved quality of life
  • client-centred, participatory approaches that respond to unique population needs
  • collective impact work to address complex systemic issues.

Of the lives we touched in 2017:

  • 52% had annual family incomes of less than $45,000
  • 45% were impacted by mental health issues
  • 22% were impacted by domestic violence

Collaboration is essential to our success. We partner with a) community-based organizations to deliver service, b) academia to use research to inform our practices, and c) policy makers and systems leaders to share learnings and advocate on behalf of our clients.

At CFS, accountability is more than just a buzz word. It is integral to our culture of delivering high-impact solutions. Evaluation is built into everything we do to ensure we continue to provide professional, highly-effective programs to our most vulnerable populations. Click here to access our latest reports.

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