Why it Matters

When families are healthy and thriving, communities and society thrive too. On the flip side, we all carry the burden when people are not doing well. Costs to our health care, education and justice systems alone illustrate this point – not to mention the human costs.

At CFS, we are in the business of helping people develop the skills to move past the things that are standing in their way of the life they want. Our programs and services adhere to and inform best practices in the following areas:

  • Enhancing parenting skills (for both mothers and fathers)
  • Fostering strong social connections (friends, teachers, neighbours)
  • Promoting healthy parent-child relationships
  • Providing affordable counselling and support during times of need
  • Ensuring healthy brain development and attachment for infants and toddlers of teen parents

Measurement and accountability is a fundamental priority at Catholic Family Service (CFS). Ensuring each of our programs are research-informed and evidence-based is a strategic priority, and continues to be a focus for our agency. We track all of our programs and services and report on outcomes to our funders, donors, community partners, volunteers and employees. This approach ensures we maintain the highest standard of service provision to meet the evolving needs of the community.

“I attended Louise Dean Centre for one semester in the Fall of 1971. I was 17 and pregnant. To any teenager in the same situation today, I would say that education is paramount to any happiness, success, self-awareness and confidence you will have in your life. Today I am very proud that my daughter works with Catholic Family Service as a consulting psychiatrist. I am so happy that she is able to give back to the organization that helped me when I needed it the most.”


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