We are guided by compassion and reverence for all of humanity. We serve anyone who would benefit from our supports—regardless of where they come from, who they choose to love, how much money they have, or where they go to pray. We welcome everyone.

Religion or None

Fr. Pat O’Byrne founded Catholic Family Service (CFS) in 1957. From day one, religion has never been a requirement for our clients, our volunteers, or our staff.

Culture and Language

Cultural heritage is beautiful and often has deep traditions that shape how we see and understand the world. We welcome all cultures. Some of our staff speak more than one language, and we can sometimes provide support to individuals in other languages.

Families of All Kinds

Inclusiveness is the key to defining family in a diverse society. We believe that family is not based on what families look like, but rather what families do.

To us, a family is a relationship between an adult and another person that endures and commits to providing for the well-being of another. Single parent or sole-support families, extended families, childless couples, families with two moms or two dads, families of mixed religion, or no religion, blended families, and many other relationships can all be understood as family. Even someone who has no family, or feels that way, may have one or more relationships that fit that definition.

Mobility Challenges

There is accessible parking at the entrance to our downtown building, and the main door has an automatic open button. Our office is on the second floor, and there is an elevator. Our office door does not have an automatic opener, but we can help—knock, and we’ll grab the door for you.

There are accessible single-stall washrooms on the third floor of the building.

At Louise Dean Centre, there is a second floor with no elevator access. We will work with you to ensure you’re still able to access the services you need.

Finances and Benefits

Finances should never be a barrier to accessing the support you need.

Counselling – Our counselling programs have no minimum or maximum income requirements, and you do not need insurance coverage. You pay what you can afford. You can identify fees that are comfortable and manageable for you, and we trust you know your circumstances best. That means some clients pay no fee, while others pay the current private-sector rate or anywhere in between. Clients with insurance coverage are billed the full fee until their benefits run out. After that, they’ll pay what they can afford.

Other ServicesOur other programs and services are offered at no cost to the families that access them. These supports are paid for through grants, funding, and donations that we receive from organizations, corporations, and individuals.

But what if I’m…

Mental health, addiction, and the ups and downs of life don’t discriminate. These challenges impact each of us differently, and our resources and coping strategies vary.

Not one of us has journeyed through life without support, and we would guess that those who have come the closest to a truly solo effort would wish it were otherwise. You don’t have to face challenges alone. If you need help, please reach out. We are here for you.

If you’re worried that something about who you are or what you’re struggling with excludes you from receiving support, it doesn’t. Please connect with our Engagement & Intake team at 403.205.5294 or intake@cfs-ab.org.

It’s worth noting that some of our programs do serve specific segments of the population and have related requirements, but as an organization, we welcome everyone. Our Engagement & Intake team (403.205.5294 or intake@cfs-ab.org) can help you connect to the right supports. In cases where we know of an organization or service that is better suited to your needs, we’ll help you get connected there.

Yes, you can start a conversation with us today . . .