Like many young people, Indigenous youth are finding their way in the world. Yet their pathway forward may be jeopardized because of poverty, homelessness, and inter-generational trauma, which can also lead to mental health and substance abuse.

In response, Catholic Family Service (CFS) offers culturally appropriate programs and services at the Calgary Achievement Centre for Youth (CACY). The Indigenous Youth Worker provides safe, inviting and non-judgmental space where students experience a sense of belonging and connection as they complete high school and move along their journey of healing and renewal.

Indigenous students connect with their culture through traditional art and spiritual activities and help build a community based on shared experiences, stories and friendship.

Provided for Indigenous People by Indigenous People

The saying “walk a mile in their shoes” describes our staff’s ability to draw upon their own experiences, and walk beside the students – every step of the way. The results: students have an increased sense of belonging and cultural pride and an advocate who will liaise with educators, administrators and other service providers to make sure students have what they need to be successful in school.

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