Success In School

Fact: Education is a cornerstone to having a fulfilled life.

Fact: Education is a route out of poverty.

Fact: Many people experience barriers to getting an education.

For some people, the list of things getting in the way of an education can be long. Poverty, addictions, homelessness – even age can be a barrier. Whether you are from a different culture, an adult who has suffered the shame of not having a high school diploma, or a teen parent trying to finish grade 12, having an education is the gateway to the life you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about how we support people to move past their issues and be successful in school, call us.

Success in School Programs

Crew (formerly Athletes Mentoring)
Families & Schools Together Program
Never Too Late Program
Indigenous Youth Worker at CACY
Multicultural School Support Program
Financial Assistance for Teen Parents
Online Self-Help

“I attended Louise Dean Centre for one semester in the Fall of 1971. I was 17 and pregnant. To any teenager in the same situation today, I would say that education is paramount to any happiness, success, self-awareness and confidence you will have in your life. Today I am very proud that my daughter works with Catholic Family Service as a consulting psychiatrist. I am so happy that she is able to give back to the organization that helped me when I needed it the most.”


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