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When times are tough, most people think that to get help, they need to sign up for a number of sessions over a period of time, and build a relationship with a specific counsellor. We are so used to going deep into our feelings, taking as much time as we need, and telling our whole story, that it seems counter intuitive to say – less can actually be enough.

The feedback however has shown that, much good can come from something much briefer, and that even seeing someone you don’t know each time can work some brief, solution focused magic.

Catholic Family Service offers single session counselling which can give immediate relief, and immediate access with no wait list. Our own outcomes research found that 75% of clients reported that their degree of hopelessness, anxiety and distress was reduced as a result of their participating in just one single session appointment.

With a focus on ease of access, Catholic Family Service has created a web-based program where anyone can book a single session, at a time that is convenient. Just click, book and connect. All that is required are a few simple questions answered to create a profile.  And, if you feel comfortable providing more information, then you have that option too.

Fees for all our counselling programs continue to be, pay what you can afford. We are committed to serve anyone who seeks our service and we are trained to address a wide range of issues.

Our counsellors include Masters Students, Interns, Social Workers, Psychologists and Certified Counsellors.   You can access up to one single session per month, for as many times as you feel that you are getting benefit, or you can contact us to access our Eight Session Counselling Program or our Mindfulness Groups.

Our Engagement and intake Team are always available to provide you with additional advice, coaching, support and information about other services that we offer and ones in the community. Our goal is to offer something of value to everyone who invests their time in contacting us.

Contact Us!

You can reach our Engagement team at  403.233.2360 or email us

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Main Office Hours
Monday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
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FOR IMMEDIATE CRISIS COUNSELLING OR AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES, contact the Calgary Distress Centre 24 hour Crisis Line at (403) 266-HELP (4357).

How do I book a Single Session?2019-07-22T21:45:26+00:00

You can connect with our Engagement and Intake team by calling 403 233 2360 or email

Alternatively, you can directly book one Single Session per month through our Online Booking Page: 

What is a Bookable Single Session for?2019-07-24T20:35:14+00:00

These one-time 75 minute appointments are aimed at resolving a current stressor, or gaining direction with an ongoing problem.

Where can I learn more about Single Sessions2019-07-24T18:31:24+00:00
Can I ask to see the same counsellor?2019-07-22T21:46:10+00:00

Our single session program is aimed at being a solution focused approach and is not intended for engaging with a specific counsellor, but rather with this distinct type of session as a tool.  However, it is not prohibited to book more than once with the same counsellor.

What preparation is there for a Bookable Single Session?2019-07-22T21:49:17+00:00

You can just show up and our reception staff will provide you with the necessary paperwork. If you want a head start you can complete consents and a pre-session questionnaire and bring them with you which you will automatically receive by email when you book a session using our Online Booking Page.

Can I come back for another single session?2019-07-22T21:42:43+00:00

Yes, your appointments just need to be a month apart.

Yes, you can start a conversation with us today . . .