Most parents – teen parents included – want to do what’s right for their kids. The fact is no one is born knowing how to be a good parent. Brain development, sleep schedules, tummy time,  how to bond with your new baby? Let’s face it, parenting skills are learned and developed over time.

For teen parents, there are even more obstacles. Young people who experience an unplanned pregnancy often face social stigmatization, judgment and isolation. They may feel alone, ashamed or afraid. That’s where Catholic Family Service comes in. Our parent education services at the Louise Dean Centre include classroom-based learning and hands-on coaching to help young parents build skills and confidence to parent effectively.

We understand that building healthy attachment doesn’t happen overnight – it takes practice. Every young mom and dad registered at the Louise Dean Centre will receive on-going support where and when they need it – at home, in the community and at school. Through our individual, family and group support programs we help new parents feel accepted, valued and empowered to be great parents.

About the Louise Dean Centre

The Louise Dean Centre is a partnership between Catholic Family Service, Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Health Services. Louise Dean Centre provides pregnant and parenting teens, their children and families with educational and health care support, as well as helping them deal with the emotional and social needs that come with pregnancy and parenting.

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