Healthy Children

Raising children to be happy and healthy takes work. Every child needs the basics – food, shelter and clothing. But they also need to grow up feeling loved, secure and respected.

The experiences a child has in their early years shape how they grow and develop. Babies who get what they need – right from the start – have a sturdy foundation for a healthy life. Healthy babies grow into healthy children, healthy teens and eventually, healthy adults.

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Healthy Children Programs

Specialized Childcare Services
Parenting Education for Teen Parents
Healthy Babies Network
Online Self-Help

“I attended Louise Dean Centre for one semester in the Fall of 1971. I was 17 and pregnant. To any teenager in the same situation today, I would say that education is paramount to any happiness, success, self-awareness and confidence you will have in your life. Today I am very proud that my daughter works with Catholic Family Service as a consulting psychiatrist. I am so happy that she is able to give back to the organization that helped me when I needed it the most.”


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