Many young fathers want to be involved in their child’s life, but they do not always know what to do when it comes to babies and parenting. Research shows that depending on their own experiences or how they grew up, young dads may need even more support than their counterparts – young moms. The good news is that when young dads get the support they need and feel empowered, they are capable of making healthy, positive choices for both themselves and their families.

Fact: Children benefit from the love and support of both parents. For the past 45 years, we have been providing leading-edge programs to young moms and now we are very pleased to offer a new parenting initiative called Fathers Moving Forward.

Fathers Moving Forward supports young dads or dads-to-be age 16 – 26 to:

  • Be an involved, hands-on parent.
  • Co-parent effectively with the mother – whether they are together or not.
  • Be a positive role model in the lives of their child(ren).

When a dad is positively involved in his child’s life, everyone benefits. Mothers have someone to share parenting responsibilities with and children grow up resilient and stronger developmentally, emotionally and academically.

Programs and services for young dads include:

  • Parenting Together – a co-parenting group
  • Being a Dad – a dads-only group
  • Dad’s Money Management – a financial literacy group
  • Youth employment counselling at the Youth Employment Centre
  • Individual counselling

Who is eligible?

Fathers between the ages of 16 and 26 who are expecting their first child or who are already parenting. Many of our dads are connected to mothers who attend Louise Dean Centre or are connected with agencies affiliated with the Healthy Babies Network. Dads may also learn about us through the Calgary Achievement Centre for Youth (CACY) or the Sheldon Kennedy POST team. However, connection to these programs or networks is not a prerequisite and Fathers Moving Forward is available to the public.

Contact Us!

For more information, call Tyler Robinson, Fathers Moving Forward Coordinator, Louise Dean Centre, 403.205.8505,

About the Louise Dean Centre

The Louise Dean Centre is a partnership between Catholic Family Service, Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Health Services. Louise Dean Centre provides pregnant and parenting teens, their children and families with educational and health care support, as well as helping them deal with the emotional and social needs that come with pregnancy and parenting.

About Calgary Achievement Centre for Youth (CACY)

The Calgary Achievement Centre for Youth (CACY) offers coordinated services for at-risk youth. Services include an alternative high school provided by the Calgary Board of Education and a Youth Employment Centre that offers employment and career counselling services provided by the City of Calgary. Catholic Family Service offers child care and parenting support to pregnant or parenting youth age 15 – 24 who attend programs at CACY.

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