Empowering Parents

Let’s face it. Being a parent is a tough job. Raising the next generation is vitally important, yet many of us feel unprepared for what’s involved. While the role of a parent evolves as children grow up, one thing remains constant: parents are the #1 role model for their kids. In fact, they are the most important and influential people in a child’s life.

At CFS, we are all about empowering moms and dads to develop the skills and confidence they need to be great parents. Our focus on teen and young adult parents is especially vital in making sure they feel supported and equipped with the tools to be awesome moms and dads.

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Empowering Parents Programs

Life Skills for Teen Parents
Fathers Moving Forward
Families & Schools Together
Online Self-Help

“I attended Louise Dean Centre for one semester in the Fall of 1971. I was 17 and pregnant. To any teenager in the same situation today, I would say that education is paramount to any happiness, success, self-awareness and confidence you will have in your life. Today I am very proud that my daughter works with Catholic Family Service as a consulting psychiatrist. I am so happy that she is able to give back to the organization that helped me when I needed it the most.”


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