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What We Do

At Catholic Family Service (CFS), we get that relationships and families are complex, which is why we don’t try to manage people or prescribe solutions. We listen – with compassion. We are all about seeing life through another person’s experience to truly understand what they are going through. Research shows that when people feel accepted, safe and understood, things start to change – for the better.

Our wide range of counselling, education and community outreach programs equip people with the knowledge and skills to deal with issues and live life to its fullest. Our areas of focus are:

Our 20+ service offerings are proven to build stronger families. We offer unparalleled professional service and unwavering support to people along their path of healing, self-discovery and growth. Just like a family.

“We were university students and expecting a baby in 2012 when we started meeting with a social worker at Louise Dean Centre. As young parents, we needed a lot of support. After our daughter was born, Jameela decided to work from home and build a jewelry business. When Peter got laid off, we thought, “If we can do this baby thing, we can run a business.” Turns out babies and businesses are a lot the same. They take time and effort and trial and error, but then they start doing things on their own. Now our jewelry is in 40 stores across Canada. ”


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