The UP Gala is About You

On the surface, the UP Gala is a fundraising event. It’s a lively and enjoyable evening with dinner, drinks, entertainment, raffles, and silent and live auctions. And while those may describe what the Gala is, what the UP Gala is about, is you.

Consider your own story for a moment. Chances are your story includes persistence, courage, and sacrifice as you’ve worked and still work to build the future you imagine for yourself or your family. One step at a time, you’ve journeyed through both success and struggle, and these experiences shape where and how you give back—they may even be the reason you’re connected to Catholic Family Service. Whether you’ve considered this before or not, you are an inspiration.

You matter. Your tenacity, generosity, and community-mindedness are what the UP Gala is all about.

Everything said above is true whether you’re attending the UP Gala as a sponsor, a ticket purchaser, or as a participant of CFS programming volunteering at the UP Gala. It’s even true if you won’t be anywhere near the Gala, but recently mustered up the courage to ask for support, and will be accessing a program or service at CFS (maybe one of the programs supported by funds raised at the UP Gala).

See Yourself in the Story of Another

The UP Gala is a place where our stories converge, and whether we’re giving or receiving, we can begin to recognize that the other is like us, they’re just at a different point in their journey.

If we’re struggling, stories from others can give us hope. Their hard work and the struggles they have faced (and continue to face) can remind us that we, too, are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. We can know that our burdens will not crush us and trust that our hard work will be worth it. By knowing that others have received support, we can let go of the shame that gets in the way of us asking for the help we need.

If we’re doing well, stories of adversity and struggle can remind us of the battles we have fought (and may fight again). By remembering how we felt when those obstacles loomed before us, and what types of support were helpful or could have helped us, we not only see the potential of those currently struggling, but also see ways that we might support them as they take their next steps.

Fathers Moving Forward Builds Strong Families

This year, funds raised at the UP Gala will support Fathers Moving Forward. The program helps young fathers to build the skills and confidence they need to be involved, hands-on parents and positive role models for their children. Engaging these dads is a critical leverage point for growing healthy young families and breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty and abuse.

While you may feel completely separate from the experience of a young dad, your support shows a belief in the importance of building strong families. The dads who sign up for the program hold the same belief. They want to be good fathers, and they give their time and attention to building a better future for their children.

Please support us in building strong families. Click here to purchase your tickets to the Gala.

If you’re a young dad who wants to give your best to your family but you’re not sure how, click here to learn more about Fathers Moving Forward.