July 26, 2018

“My two kids and I recently finished the Families & Schools Together (F&ST) program at St. Isabella School. The kids gained a lot of confidence. At first, they were so quiet and shy, but now they can stand up and speak in front of a big group. The program seemed so easy and so simple, but I soon began to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes by the volunteers and so on. I made sure that I cleared up my schedule in order to attend the whole program and not miss a day. I never had trouble getting the kids to go to F&ST. All week, they would say, “Mom, is this the F&ST day today? Is it the F&ST day today?” And I would say, “Not quite.” They were super excited when it was our turn to cook; the kids helped prepare everything.

“F&ST is a safe place to meet other parents and the teachers. Now that I know more parents, it is such a pleasure waiting outside the school for the kids at the end of the day. It’s hard to get to know the teachers, but when you see a teacher at F&ST standing around with a cupcake in her hand, you have a conversation. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this amazing program. I can recommend every family to be part of the F&ST program.”