July 12, 2018

After attending two sessions of the Families & Schools Together (F&ST) program at St. Isabella School, all four members of the McLachlan family served as volunteers during the Spring 2018 session. Here are their impressions of the program:

WILL: “F&ST allows you to see how equal you are to other families. We all have the same issues or problems with our children. We have the same happy times, as well. And it’s very nice when I go out and about in the community and stop to chat with other F&ST families.”

ANITA: “One aspect of F&ST that I really like is that for one night a week, we don’t have to cook. We have a night off, knowing that the kids will be having a healthy meal at F&ST. It’s also wonderful that the kids are able to volunteer in their school, where they are completely comfortable and safe. It gives them a chance to have some responsibility and be part of the team.”

ABIGAIL: “My main job was setting up the welcome table, the parent time table and the chairs in the library. It was interesting to get to spend time with the kids because you’re busy and it’s really fun. It’s interesting to see how kids react to things and respond to certain problems.”

MILO: “F&ST went really fast! And I liked the food.”