February 7, 2018

“I started attending Louise Dean Centre in the spring of 2008. In Grade 9 and expecting a baby boy in a few months . . . I was full of a range of emotions. I had to change schools, adjust to a new environment and make new friends. But I couldn’t dwell on the past; I had to look ahead for my son and prepare myself to be a very young mom. Catholic Family Service helped me create a healthy foundation for myself and my son through prenatal classes, parenting classes, life skills classes, the child care centre, counselling sessions and so much more. With the love, support and accountability I received at Louise Dean, I was able to graduate high school in 2011. Today, I have a wonderful job that provides well for my family, I am working on getting my Canadian Securities licensing, I am happily married to my favorite man on the planet and I am able to help other young moms excel in their life.

I am forever grateful for the staff at Louise Dean; they encouraged me and expected nothing but the best from me. I knew that I could always turn to the staff for help at any time and in any way. I look forward to seeing many more success stories come out of that amazing school, because the students have all the potential in the world.”