March 22, 2018

“I’ve always thought of myself as a person who never finished anything. It started when I dropped out of high school and went into the workforce. I was making good money; I was a little naive and thought it was all about the money. I guess I made a little too much, because addiction found me. I have been in recovery for six years, but still I’ve always doubted myself. I’ve had failed relationships and became a father at 20. But it got to the point where I wanted my two boys to have someone to look up to.

My fiancé found Never Too Late on the Internet. I have always wanted to get my GED, but I never thought I could achieve it. But right from orientation night, the people at Never Too Late were so welcoming. I could really identify with the students that have come from so many walks of life. I never thought I’d say in my life that I love algebra, but Jeb is a remarkable math teacher. And Ryan, the English teacher – he’s phenomenal. In my first math assessment, I got an 11 out of 50. By the night before the exam, I was scoring around 71%. When I wrote the exam, I was pretty sure I’d bombed it. But I got 78%.

With my past, I shouldn’t even be here right now. But today I want nothing more than to accomplish my dreams. Never Too Late has just flipped that switch for me. After passing my exams, I’ve been given opportunities to speak in public about my experiences. I am beginning to think that God has given me a gift to use words to help people. I want to be a professional speech writer and speaker. I want my life to be passion-driven, instead of money-driven. I want to inspire people to be compassionate with one another.”