March 21, 2017

“I got pregnant at 16, which was quite a shock. No one expects to get pregnant that young. I had dropped out of school already, but I knew that I had to get my high school for my daughter, so that she knows school is important. My mom found out about Louise Dean Centre when my daughter was 10 months old. They give you so many resources and help here. Even just to have somewhere to make friends, somewhere where you feel normal, was really nice. I graduated in 2014 and that August, my daughter’s father and I got married. We’ve been together for 12 years now – we’ve been best friends since elementary school. And two months ago, we had another baby girl! After Louise Dean, I went to dental college. I work as a registered dental assistant, but I am planning to go back to school. I want to be a dentist and do oral surgery. I absolutely love my job.”