May 13, 2019

“When I discovered Never Too Late, I was a recently-retired
high school teacher looking for a meaningful connection to people facing
obstacles in their lives. I did not want my retirement to be about putting
energy into activities just to stay busy. I was searching for something that
would apply my teaching skills to making a difference in people’s lives. I have
always believed in being part of the solution to social issues. The opportunity
to be a volunteer tutor for Catholic Family Service’s Never Too Late program
met all of these criteria. Never Too Late was such a good match with my work
experience and my desire to participate in a place where people’s lives could
be improved by a greater sense of meaning, confidence and purpose.

The biggest lesson I have learned is how seemingly small
actions can have a big impact on the lives of others. In the Never Too Late
program, just recognizing the students by name made such a difference in
creating a sense of shared community. The open informal banter between us all –
student and teacher – created such a wonderful sense of being “all
in” together. My feeling of being part of this is as important as the students’
sense of inclusion. We are all together in the GED learning process. There are
no status differences. Each of us has a chance to be empowered by the program
in our own way. What a wonderful feeling being included in a meaningful way in
a joined community of learning and personal change!”