June 14, 2017

“Family time is the most important gift we can give to our children, but in an age full of demands, it can also be the hardest to give. With all of us trying to balance our lives, we also have our children and their activities piled on top. They need to be here at a certain time, and five minutes later, they need to be over there. You’d think that when we got the invitation to sign up for another night, another program, another place to be that we would think about it for longer than five seconds. But when we heard the news – that there was space in the Athletes Mentoring Program – we cheered! We high-fived and we laughed with enjoyment. This was our son Billy’s chance to meet a famous athlete and hang out with the ENTIRE team at the U of C. It was a gift! To say that Billy enjoyed the program is an understatement. He loved it. He was matched with Ethan – who included Billy at every opportunity, who listened to him and laughed with him. I can’t thank Ethan enough for the gift of time he gave to my family. This connection has had a large enough impact to last a lifetime.”