April 12, 2017

“About a year ago, I fell and broke my shoulder and arm. While I was recovering, I realized that I had fallen into a very deep hole. Normally, in a dark place I would use every resource I had and make the best of it. I am not a person to reach out; instead, I’ve tried to be there for others. But the hole was becoming deeper and deeper. My positive experience with Catholic Family Service started with my first phone call. I was placed with Jae and honestly I could not have been matched up with a better counsellor. I went home that day and thought, “I am safe. I’m not alone now.” I started to meet with Jae and we worked. Man, did we work! I’m 58 years old; I’ve faced a lot of adversity in my life and never buckled to it. But I never want to go back into that dark hole again. One of the greatest blessings of this support was the affordability of it. That was huge for me. All the lights had gone off for a while, but that’s what counselling does – the lights gradually come on and then new lights come on. I want to thank the donors who believe that we all deserve peace in our inner world. They will never know the incredible difference they’ve made in my life.”