December 4, 2017

“I started at Louise Dean Center in 2005, two months after my son was born. Grade 11 with a baby? Stroller parking, breastfeeding between assignments, all girl classes? While my friends were out travelling and attending parties, I was learning which baby foods to introduce, changing diapers and budgeting for groceries.

Louise Dean Centre and Catholic Family Service helped me through this bump in the road. We were provided a social worker who was a key resource for all unforeseen, overwhelming situations – and there were plenty. Her encouragement and guidance was an immense part of the program. The mandatory life skills and parenting class gave us the basic guidance to parenting and starting a home. These programs opened the door to so much more than a simple education. It was a safe environment, where we weren’t judged or criticized. I made lifelong friends who could relate to all the struggles and share in all the motherhood bliss.

Trying to find myself as a parent through all the obstacles and constant negative judgment, between mommy and teenager brain, I wouldn’t have held that diploma up high without the overwhelming support of these organizations and the amazing other moms I met along the way.”