April 5, 2017

“Families & Schools Together helps families in many more ways than one can imagine at the beginning of the program. It is far more than simply spending time and breaking bread with your kids. It is a chance to push aside the “noise” of the hectic week and really focus on relationships. The opportunity to be with the kids and have free time with school staff and other families at the school helped us develop a network of support that will survive beyond the end of the F&ST program. We’ve watched our daughters form meaningful trust relationships with teachers and classmates. We believe that it’s critical for our children to know that they have trusted adults that they can rely on within their school, people that they can go to when they need help. F&ST makes building those relationships fun and easy. Every parent wants their kids to have a sense of confidence and comfort within their school environment. F&ST has helped us come a long way in this regard.”