December 13, 2018

“In this photo, I am with my stepson’s counsellor Tricia on the right and her supervisor Sara on the left. My employer allows us to donate $500 each year to the charity of our choice and this year I picked Catholic Family Service. I wanted to give back to the organization that helped us so much and to bring the donation in person because it felt very personal to me.

Earlier this year, we had been looking for a counsellor for our seven-year-old son for some time. We had our name on the waiting lists of a number of organizations and had been told it would be upwards of six months to a year before we could see someone. It was actually my boss who said, “Have you tried Catholic Family Service?” Within two weeks of our initial inquiry, Tricia began to meet with our son. She started play therapy with him and he just loved it and he loved her. It was something he looked forward to every week.

After a few months, we decided to end counselling, but we know that if we need to, we can bring him back and he will want to go because of his positive experience. The staff at Catholic Family Service were very compassionate and thoughtful and kind. With all that was going on in the situation, they made it about our son. They put his needs first.”