April 20, 2017

“I was living in Saskatchewan with my grandparents when my aunt heard about the Louise Dean Centre. I wasn’t a fan of the idea at first. When my son and I moved to Calgary to live in Elizabeth House, I started attending Louise Dean in September 2014. At first it was okay, but it felt kind of weird because everyone knew my name and I didn’t know them. Now I feel better about it. I found the staff really welcoming. If you need to talk to a social worker, they are always available. Now that I have two boys – my second son was born in June 2016 – having financial stability has really helped me focus on my family and my school work. I’m 20 now and planning to graduate this year. I might take a year off to work, but I would like to take mechanics, welding or maybe veterinary studies. I prefer the rural life to the city.”