February 15, 2017

“I first came to Catholic Family Service for counselling because I was an angst-filled lonely fourteen year old. I saw Patricia Jones on and off throughout my teenage years. When I became an angry sixteen year old, she was a calm voice of reason. When I was around twenty, I volunteered with the Families and Schools Together (F&ST) program and learned the importance of community outreach. I am certain that Catholic Family Service has been integral in helping me become the person I am today. I just moved back to the Calgary area after pursuing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, and recently Patricia and I met for lunch. Even though it had been years since we’d seen each other, we visited like old friends. Whenever I needed Patricia she was there, showing me what it means to be a good and kind person. That’s the thing about Catholic Family Service. They consider the ‘family’ part to be as important as the ‘service’.”