May 9, 2017

“When I first came to Catholic Family Service as a volunteer, I was halfway through my first degree at St. Mary’s University with the intent to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I found myself trapped in my own personal bubble of school, work, sleep, repeat. I needed to do something that would make me feel part of something bigger than myself. The second I began to volunteer in the Families & Schools Together program, I fell in love with it. Coming from a small family, I have always been close with my own parents and brother. However, my experiences with the F&ST program shed light on just how difficult it can be for families to have time to connect with one another. It brings warmth to my heart to watch the families grow closer and stronger as the parents begin to feel their own sense of empowerment. Without close bonds between people who love and care for one another, the world would not be nearly as bright.”