March 13, 2018

“I remember exactly where I was standing and even what I was wearing when I first heard about Louise Dean Centre. I was in my first year of teaching in Calgary about 20 years ago and I knew then that Louise Dean was where I was meant to be. It still gives me goose bumps; it’s such a vivid memory. Working with vulnerable students has always been my passion, and now to be principal here is my dream job. The collaboration with Catholic Family Service and Alberta Health Services makes this school unique. The partnership is essential for my staff and me to do our jobs and to meet the needs of the students. If I need to speak with a social worker, an early childhood educator or a nurse, there’s no time delay because they are right here on site. It’s so important we all work together to support the students and their families. This collaboration has existed for nearly 50 years in Calgary. It has been a joy to be a part of an organization that has students and families as the focus of our work. It takes a strong commitment to provide the best environment possible for the students. Communication is the key ingredient – intentional communication and a willingness to hear one other and to work together.”