April 25, 2019

“Coming from Belize, I didn’t have the opportunity to finish
school. Coming from a poor family, I was pulled out of school at a young age to
start working. When I came to Canada, my previous work experience didn’t count
for anything. I went into this depressed mode. I felt like a failure.”

Right place at the
right time

“I got to know about Never Too Late in a support group
called “Time for You.” When I heard about the opportunity, I was scared. I
didn’t finish elementary, so if I didn’t get the basics, how am I supposed to
get a diploma for high school? I’m a very shy person when I don’t know
something. I had a very hard shell.”

Tears that signify a
new tomorrow

“Hearing about the program, I started to cry, and I noticed
that there was more crying in the room. That gave me the boldness to sign up,
because I realized that I’m not the only one who didn’t finish school. I was
crying, but I was crying with joy. For the first time, I felt the energy to do

Determined to succeed

“I went through the program twice. I didn’t pass all of the
exams the first time, and I could have gone back into my shell. It put me in a
vulnerable place, a space where I knew that if I didn’t ask for help that I
would fail. If I had done that, I would have closed up the opportunity. So, I
took advantage of tutoring. The “Time for You” group was cheering me on, and I
think it made it easier, opening up and hearing them tell me that I could do

When it is important
you can’t give up

“I wrote the math exam three times before I passed, but I
never saw it as failure. We are only failures when we give up. It’s kind of
like climbing a mountain. If you’re only halfway there, you cannot see the top.
But once you are there, everything is in front of you – an easier dive into new