August 8, 2017

“I was asked by Greg Campbell, the CEO at the time, to come on the Catholic Family Service Board. I’m not sure when that was – about 15 years ago, I think. I knew that the agency was involved in personal counselling and marriage preparation, but I was overwhelmed when I found out everything CFS was doing. I am still amazed at the scope of what is done and the commitment of the staff. I have developed a deep respect for those who work with the vulnerable and their willingness to become vulnerable themselves in the process. One thing I have tried to do as a Board member is to get the word out to the Catholic community about what CFS is doing in Calgary. I really enjoy the Board meetings and I usually hate meetings! We do a lot of laughing at our meetings. Everyone is there because they want to be. My wish for Catholic Family Service is that it will always have a committed and strong board and the leadership of people like Patricia Jones so we can continue to move forward. And it would be nice if CFS could win a lottery!”