February 22, 2018

Cat: “I am a recovering addict. In April, I will be sober two years. When I was in treatment, I met the former principal of Louise Dean Centre. When she heard I was a mom, she said I should register at Louise Dean. The school itself is super supportive. With all the one-to-one support, I’m getting the best grades I’ve ever had. I went from failing to getting 80s and 90s. But I wouldn’t be here today without the help I got from Catholic Family Service.

When I finished treatment, I had to leave the support home I was living in. I was looking at a homeless shelter, but then I found a little place to rent. I talked to my social worker at Catholic Family Service and she arranged for my damage deposit to be covered. The Learners Bursary is helping me cover expenses while I go to school. My daughter will soon be three and I am expecting a little boy now as well. I’m planning to graduate in 2019. The nice part is I can bring my baby to the Parent-Child Learning Centre here while I finish school.”

Jarrett: “I am a recovering addict, as well. We found each other at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Getting into a relationship is frowned on while you are in recovery, but we both wanted the same things in life: to be sober and have a happy family. We started hanging out together and now we are living together.

It’s scary being a younger person with a child, but knowing you have support is truly amazing. I am trying to be a good father figure to Cat’s little girl. To see a little person accomplish things and growing is so amazing. Catholic Family Service offers programs for dads, too. I want to learn everything I can to be a good father. I drive Cat every day to school and pick her up to go home. We’re getting married after she graduates.”