March 8, 2019

“I’m Caine, I’m 10 and I was in Crew this year. Lars
is a University of Calgary basketball Dino – he’s my Crew mentor and he’s an
awesome player and friend. He is way taller than me! More than two feet taller,
because I’m 4’5” and Lars is 6’8”.

One of the best things about Crew is I got a great friend
and we slam dunked a lot together. Every week Lars lifted me up to slam dunk
through the hoop! My family watched him in the Dinos’ semifinals, and when
I was in the stands yelling his name loud, he looked right at me and tossed a
promo basketball right into my hands! 

My mom says Crew is a game-changer. For me,
hanging out with Lars and the other basketball guys made me feel like I was
part of the team. And that felt good. Like a slam dunk!”