August 10, 2017

“I found out about the Never Too Late program through a friend who sent me the link captioned “Free school!!!” It was the perfect time for me to go back to school. I had recently beat seven years of addiction and, on top of that, just found out I would be having a baby! I immediately called the coordinator, Hannah, and booked a meeting to register. I felt really comfortable answering all of Hannah’s questions. She just had a really kind and understanding presence to her. My biggest fear during the NTL program was the fear of failing. I had taken a GED exam in the past and failed with very low marks. However, I passed with flying colours, thanks to the teachers. Both teachers were patient and detailed with their teaching style, which really helped myself and others learn everything properly and thoroughly. I used to think I had a learning disability, but as the program went on, I began to realize that with the right supports, I can pretty much learn/amount to anything I put my mind to. My plan now is to apply to Bow Valley College’s social work program. My main motivation for that is my desire to get into the community and start making a difference. With the growing numbers of overdoses over the last few years, and the booming new “fentanyl industry,” I feel like there are many people out there who need my help. I am so grateful that Never Too Late has now been a part of my story. It is such a great program for people from any and all different types of backgrounds. It’s full of unconditional support and hope. I would (and I DO) strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to move their life forward. After all, it’s never too late!”