December 4, 2018

“When I contacted Catholic Family Service, I was utterly desperate with worry about my two sons aged 15 and 16. As a single mom, I have had significant challenges with both of them. I was increasingly worried about the younger one’s school attendance, cannabis use, temper outbursts and quite abusive behaviour towards me. Our relationship was becoming more and more strained and distant. When Kate from the Functional Family Therapy program visited the first time, I had just taken stress leave from work but had no idea how to address the issues I was facing with him. I felt completely out of my depth.

Kate spent a couple of sessions understanding the dynamics of my family and then started to coach me in adjusting my behaviours in order to improve my connection with both boys. She was also able to give me a much better understanding of what they are going through and how it affects their behaviour. Even though we weren’t able to follow the Functional Family Therapy method strictly because the boys refused to participate, she patiently coached, supported and encouraged me. If I needed help in between our sessions with specific challenges, her remote support was just enough to give me the tools and the confidence to deal with whatever situation arose. Kate has also been willing to work with both the school and pediatrician to help find solutions and options for further support.

When I finally started to make some breakthroughs, I was incredibly relieved and encouraged. My confidence increased and I finally feel that I can parent the way I really want to. I can be firm but fair, and most importantly stay calm. I no longer lose my temper with them or cry on my way to work! The boys’ demeanor and behaviour, while not perfect, has definitely improved, as has the younger one’s school attendance. Functional Family Therapy in general, and Kate in particular, has made a huge difference to my personal well-being and our family’s cohesion and relationships. Thank you so much!”