July 17, 2018

“I have two amazing kids, Matthew and Alyssa. Unfortunately we have been through some tough times together over the past few years. The biggest challenge I have endured during this time has been finding support for the kids when they needed it most, which left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless on numerous occasions.

After more than two years of searching for support and hitting many brick walls, one day last fall I received a call from Daniel, coordinator of Catholic Family Service’s Crew program. This call left me feeling cautious yet optimistic. I was cautious due to so many doors closing in the past and had concerns with the distance and winter driving conditions (which turned out to be even worse this year than most imagined!) I wondered how the kids would feel about this new experience, yet through all this, I was full of hope.

When I met the kids after their first night at Crew, and after meeting with Daniel and their mentors Noah and Tabi, I knew that Crew was going to have a huge impact on Matthew and Alyssa. Week after week they looked forward to Tuesday evenings and week after week I saw them grow with self-esteem and confidence as a result of the positive influence from Noah, Tabi, Daniel and the other Crew leaders and volunteers.

Our worries and struggles are still real, but being a part of Crew has given us the support and skills to overcome ongoing challenges going forward. I have been blessed as my children have given me the strength I never knew I had. How can I give up when my kids are so strong and resilient?”