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Athletes Mentoring Renamed Crew

By Katherine Matiko, Communications Coordinator, Catholic Family Service For the past 18 years, Catholic Family Service has offered a unique mentoring program that brings student-athletes and kids together on Calgary’s university campuses. But after redesigning the program to give parents a larger role in the mentoring relationship, we realized the name Athletes Mentoring wasn’t a [...]

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Volunteers Central to the Families & Schools Together Program

By Ellyse Lambie, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Services, Catholic Family Service Catholic Family Service has been offering the Families & Schools Together (F&ST) program for 20 years. A world-renowned family skills program, F&ST supports each member of the family to be the best they can be – at home, at school and in the community. It [...]

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Give and You Will Be Given

By Keith West, Mentor, Athletes Mentoring Program I’ve just started my fourth year as a mentor with the Athletes Mentoring Program (AMP). I study Communications full time at the University of Calgary. In addition, I am a varsity athlete competing with the Dinos men’s volleyball team. During my summers, I’ve trained with the Canadian Junior [...]

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