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Being present is more than just showing up

When was the last time you were somewhere or with someone and really embraced being there? I was lucky enough to be on Chesterman’s Beach near Tofino this summer.  The sound, feel, smell and sight of the surf, sand, sun and milieu of people swimming, surfing, biking, sand sailing, and kite flying was truly [...]

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One Man’s Reflection on the #MeToo Movement

By Hugh McGeary, Director, Counselling, Catholic Family Service Catholic Family Service is all about Building Strong Families. To that end, we could take some time to reflect on the current stories about people coming forward to disclose incidents where someone with power and privilege did them harm. Rarely has there been a social discourse as [...]

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What a Relationship Needs to Recover from an Affair (Part 3 of 4)

By Hugh McGeary, Managing Director of Counselling Services, Catholic Family Service Read Part 1 of this series: Honesty at All Costs Read Part 2 of this series: Taking Ownership Read Part 4 of this series: Trust and Forgiveness VULNERABILITY To understand personal vulnerability, you must gain insight into why you were vulnerable to act against your [...]

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