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UP Gala 2020: Dads Matter

At the coming 2020 UP Gala, we’re raising funds to support a new program at Catholic Family Service. Fathers Moving Forward, offered at Louise Dean Centre, empowers young dads to engage with their child(ren) and to make healthy and responsible choices for their families. There’s no way around it; parenting is hard work. This can [...]

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Motherhood Matters Mattered

They say that it takes a village to raise a child “and I found my Village within this program” said a young Motherhood Matters participant. She is certainly not alone in her thinking. Motherhood Matters touched the lives of hundreds of women in its more than 40 years. Motherhood Matters was a three stage [...]

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Three year study leads to Fathers Moving Forward – a reflection on how we got here.

Catholic Family Service released the findings of a three year study titled: Fathers Moving Forward June 2019 at a private event in downtown Calgary. Fathers Moving Forward is a program for fathers aged 16 to 26 provided by Catholic Family Service at the Louise Dean Centre for pregnant and parenting teens. Developed and piloted in [...]

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So Why Families?

By Patricia Jones, CEO, Catholic Family Service Patricia Jones, CEO, Catholic Family Service Catholic Family Service offers high impact programs that build strong families. And that’s exactly who we are about: families. When we say families, we mean all families, regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they’ve been through, [...]

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Lessons in Awkward from My Dad

By Shannon Kanda, Engagement and Intake Coordinator, Counselling Services, Catholic Family Service The tenth anniversary of my dad’s death was a few months ago. The weight of that occasion was unexpected and there were some uncomfortable and awkward feelings that went with figuring out what I wanted to do with it. Wonderfully, one of the [...]

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How to Build Strong Families by Eating Together

By Yun Yun Lee, Dietitian, Healthy Babies Network, Louise Dean Centre You may ask what nutrition has to do with #BuildingStrongFamilies. Is there a magic ingredient, maybe a superfood that miraculously brings everyone together? I wish. As a dietitian, I speak to many clients about food choices to improve their health, weight, pregnancy outcomes, and [...]

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Why Time-Outs Don’t Work

By Shane Lynch, Coordinator, Fathers Moving Forward Program, Catholic Family Service For many years, it has been the belief of parenting educators that time-outs are key to teaching children to behave appropriately. Many of us may even have firsthand experience of this discipline technique. For some it was, “That’s enough. Go sit in the corner.” [...]

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What Parent Empowerment Means to Me Now

By Jessica Williams, Managing Director, Stakeholder Relations, Catholic Family Service and Unlocking Potential Foundation Parent empowerment is something we talk a lot about at Catholic Family Service. It’s a practice, a way of being, that runs through our programs and aims to reinforce, at every opportunity, that the parents we serve are the most important [...]

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Families and Schools Together: Our Journey

By Kevin To, Participant, Families and Schools Together, Catholic Family Service In order for you to understand the depth of my appreciation for the Families and Schools Together (F&ST) program, you need to know a little bit about who I am and where I come from. I was born to immigrant parents who arrived in [...]

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