It’s that time of year again! Planning is underway for the Santa Sleigh Project at Louise Dean Centre and we need your help.

The Santa Sleigh Project is a tradition that has brought joy to young moms celebrating Christmas with their babies and families for a number of years. This year, we have redesigned the program with a heartwarming experience for both students and donors in mind. The project will now give young parents a more active role in creating a holiday celebration for their families.

To ensure a sense of connection between you and the student you sponsor, we will provide you with a profile of her family and where she likes to shop. Rather than buying gifts, you will donate gift cards for the family. This will empower a young mother so she can make her own lists, budget accordingly based on her needs, make the purchases she knows will delight her family, and wrap the gifts with anticipation of the joy they will bring.

When you deliver your gift to Louise Dean Centre, you will have an opportunity to tour our facilities and meet student ambassadors who will share how the wrap-around services at the Centre benefited them and their family.

If you, your family, friends or colleagues would like to be part of this special opportunity, please contact Kim Shoemaker at or 403.205.8525.

A partnership between Catholic Family Service, Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Health Services, Louise Dean Centre breaks down barriers to education for youth who are expecting a child or parenting. At one convenient, central location, young parents can access the academic, emotional, financial and child care services they need to thrive. For more information about Louise Dean Centre, please call 403.777.7635.