It’s almost like Christmas at the Fairfield home when Aimée, 7, and her five-year-old sisters Erica and Kyla wake up on backpack stuffing day.

Their mom Deanne gathers up practical items for new students in Never Too Late, a program that helps adult learners achieve their GED or high school equivalency. The girls then get to work assembling the backpacks. It’s a big job, but these youngsters love to do it!

The best part is the trip over to the office, where they proudly deliver the packs to Never Too Late coordinators Cate Rippon and Amanda Clearwater. Cate and Amanda will in turn present them to the 70 new students who are enrolled in the program this fall.

Deanne said she and her husband are continuing a longstanding tradition of giving back. “Eventually the girls will grow up and realize the value of their parents’ volunteering and hopefully do the same,” she said. “Everyone has something to give.”

Catholic Family Service has a number of short term volunteer opportunities that allow families, corporations, businesses and small groups to volunteer together. These include capital projects, such as gardening and landscaping, as well as direct service to clients, such as celebrating program graduates. Read our Group Giving Opportunities Guide to learn more about how your group can make a difference.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator Ellyse Lambie at if you are interested in one of our group giving opportunities, or if you have an idea for a short term project you would like to take on for our agency.