Young Fathers

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It’s about the kids. When we identify how and when to support families and children in the course of their development, we can change how a child’s life narrative unfolds into adulthood. In this way, support now also has the greatest impact on the generation to come.

Why Young Fathers?

Catholic Family Service is committed to building strong families, and research shows that involved, supportive fathers have a significant impact on family resilience. 

  • Children of involved fathers experience life-long, positive impacts, including fewer behaviour challenges and stronger school performance.
  • Mothers experience lower stress and increased support within an effective co-parenting relationship.
  • Fathers themselves benefit from being involved, showing improved well-being and mental health.

There’s no way around it; parenting is hard work. This can be especially true for young parents who may lack the knowledge, maturity, or resources of their older counterparts. And while there are supports for young mothers, like the programs offered at Louise Dean for the past 50 years, young fathers have been chronically under served. Fathers Moving Forward, provided by Catholic Family Service, is the first program of its kind in Canada.

What is Fathers Moving Forward?

Young fathers want to be good fathers. They want to be involved with their kids, but often their own father was not the positive example they needed. Because of this history, they may have aggressive ideas of masculinity or struggle with addiction and anger. As a result, young dads are at risk of perpetuating unhealthy relationships and abusive behaviours.

Fathers Moving Forward supports these young dads through co-parenting skills groups, dad skills groups, and access to counselling and financial management courses. Each of these supports can help steer young fathers towards healthier patterns.

We’ve supported young moms for years. By also supporting young fathers, we can access a critical leverage point for growing healthy young families and breaking inter-generational cycles of poverty and abuse. We cannot break these cycles without supporting children to have positive, healthy relationships with BOTH parents.

Your support at the 2020 UP & Away Charity Gala will allow us to continue serving young dads. Together, we can build strong families that support the development of healthy and resilient kids.

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