We all experience vulnerability – some more than others. Relationship problems, mental health issues, abuse and poverty touch so many.

Our job is to help people break the cycle of vulnerability, so they can move forward with their lives. Our 20+ counselling, education and community outreach programs equip people with the knowledge and skills to deal with issues and live life to its fullest.

What makes us different is we are driven by compassion. We listen. We don’t prescribe solutions. We dig deep. Profound transformation can only occur when a person feels truly understood. Make a profound difference in the life of someone today. Please give.

“When I think about 12×12, the first words that come to mind are “life-changing.” Now I can go to school and be a parent. By not having to worry about how I will pay for everything, I can just focus on school and my kids. It’s the most important thing in the world to me that my kids are OK. They haven’t had it the easiest and they need something to get them through – me!”


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