(l-r) Dianne Yee, Area 4 Director, Calgary Board of Education; Mike Theroux, Board Chair, Catholic Family Service; Trina Hurdman, Board Chair, Calgary Board of Education; Patricia Jones, CEO, Catholic Family Service; Helen Colbourne, Principal, Louise Dean Centre. Front: Kailey Goetz, Student, Louise Dean Centre

Catholic Family Service was honoured to receive a Lighthouse Award from the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) on December 4, 2018.

For the past 48 years, Catholic Family Service has partnered with CBE to remove barriers to education for expecting and parenting youth at Louise Dean Centre. The award recognizes the success of this longstanding collaboration.

Board of Trustees Chair Trina Hurdman presented the award to CFS’s Board Chair Mike Theroux during a regular trustees’ meeting at the CBE’s downtown Education Centre.

“It is thanks to Catholic Family Service that we are able to offer services to these young mothers who would not be able to go to school otherwise,” Trina said. “Thanks to partnerships like ours, we are able to meet the needs of students that go so far beyond academics and what educators can offer alone.”

“We sincerely thank you for everything you do.”

While thanking the Board of Trustees for the honour, Mike said Catholic Family Service’s partnership with the CBE “is very important to us. We appreciate it, we don’t take it for granted and we are very proud of it. You’ve helped us together do incredible things on behalf of these students.”

Kailey Goetz, a Louise Dean Centre student, attended the meeting to offer her thanks on behalf of her fellow students.

“I recognize the remarkable impact Catholic Family Service has had in helping me become the woman I am today,” she said. “As much as I am motivated to learn and complete my studies, it would not be possible without the support of Catholic Family Service and the CBE. With costs so high and many roadblocks to navigate through as I have become an adult, I am very appreciative of both CFS and CBE for everything they provide at Louise Dean.

“They have given me a chance.”

Louise Dean Centre is a partnership between Catholic Family Service, Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Health Services. Louise Dean Centre provides expecting and parenting teens, their children and families with educational and health care support, as well as helping them deal with the emotional and social needs that come with pregnancy and parenting.