By Hugh McGeary, Managing Director, Counselling Services, Catholic Family Service

If the shoe fits . . .

When your shoes need replacing, you go to a shop that has what you need, be it a work boot or a pair of heels. You know which store offers what, and you have options including online shopping. However, when you have troubles in your relationships, or with your level of distress, you may not know where to start or what to expect.

We strongly believe that it takes health and courage to reach out for help, and that people and their issues come in all shapes and sizes, just like shoes. Sometimes what you need is information, support and resources. Sometimes you need a deeper conversation to help you truly discern what you need, and other times you need in-depth, longer term input to resolve complex issues.

Catholic Family Service offers a range of supports and services that are interrelated and comprehensive. Today we are launching Online Self-Help to complement our counselling services. We’ve compiled information, coping strategies and additional resources on the topics people most often reach out to us about: anxiety, depression, positive parenting, domestic violence, addiction, and trauma. From the comfort of your home, you can tell us if you found what you needed, give us permission to check in with you in a couple of weeks, or link to our intake and engagement team for conversation and connection to address what’s troubling you.

Online Self-Help is part of our promise to offer something of value to everyone who reaches out to us – you won’t hear us say we don’t have your size! If you need a telephone or in person conversation to talk about what’s going on, we can offer this. If you need counselling in your home, live or via video link, or in the office for a single session or as many as it takes . . . we offer this too. Even the kind of counselling you can access ranges from individual, couple, family, emotionally-based, strongly cognitively-based, and everything in between.

We don’t screen anyone or any issue out. We don’t limit how we work, or with whom in your family, or by age, class, religion, ethnicity, gender, ability to pay or orientation.

We hope that you will entrust Catholic Family Service with your needs. We will work hard to earn this trust, every time.

And if the shoe doesn’t fit . . . we will find one that does.

With our Online Self-Help, explore topics like depression, addictions, parenting tips and how to spot the difference between worrying and an anxiety disorder. We will keep adding information, so check back with us often! If you need to talk, call or send us an email. Our engagement team will help you figure out where to go from here. For more information, give us a call at 403.233.2360 or email at