A Message from Patricia Jones, CEO

Patricia Jones At Catholic Family Service and UP, we are all about Families. “Building Strong Families” is our purpose and our passion. As a supporter of ours, you have played an important role in helping us help families break the cycle of vulnerability and poverty. When I think about the conversations I have [...]

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What do financial literacy and making gifts from the heart have in common?

Answer: a lot more than you think! On a recent Friday afternoon, we held our annual Gift Making on a Budget workshop as part of the financial literacy group we run at the Louise Dean Centre (Youth Fair Gains). This is an opportunity for students to learn that they can make inexpensive (yet awesome) [...]

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Expanding Never Too Late

High school education can open doors for jobs, school and training. Improving skills through education helps in everyday life and sets a good example for friends and family members. For adults, the idea of going back to school can be overwhelming. People who have been out of school for a short (or long) time [...]

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Being present is more than just showing up

When was the last time you were somewhere or with someone and really embraced being there? I was lucky enough to be on Chesterman’s Beach near Tofino this summer.  The sound, feel, smell and sight of the surf, sand, sun and milieu of people swimming, surfing, biking, sand sailing, and kite flying was truly [...]

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Motherhood Matters Mattered

They say that it takes a village to raise a child “and I found my Village within this program” said a young Motherhood Matters participant. She is certainly not alone in her thinking. Motherhood Matters touched the lives of hundreds of women in its more than 40 years. Motherhood Matters was a three stage [...]

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Three year study leads to Fathers Moving Forward – a reflection on how we got here.

Catholic Family Service released the findings of a three year study titled: Fathers Moving Forward June 2019 at a private event in downtown Calgary. Fathers Moving Forward is a program for fathers aged 16 to 26 provided by Catholic Family Service at the Louise Dean Centre for pregnant and parenting teens. Developed and piloted in [...]

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Single Session Counselling targets what you need when you need it

When we think about counselling we think about going deep into our feelings, taking as much time as we need, and telling our whole story so no wonder it seems counter intuitive to say – less can actually be enough. Some years ago there was a study reported on by Moshe Talmon where they looked [...]

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One Man’s Reflection on the #MeToo Movement

By Hugh McGeary, Director, Counselling, Catholic Family Service Catholic Family Service is all about Building Strong Families. To that end, we could take some time to reflect on the current stories about people coming forward to disclose incidents where someone with power and privilege did them harm. Rarely has there been a social discourse as [...]

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CFS Earns Four-Year Accreditation

Catholic Family Service (CFS) has been officially awarded a four-year accreditation through the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA). This designation from a respected third party indicates that CFS meets accepted standards for good governance, management and excellence in service provision. CCA is an independent non-profit organization offering accreditation specifically tailored to community-based health and social [...]

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Donors Bring The Personal Touch

"It takes funding support to make a difference in the lives of people who face barriers to success. What is even more important? Being there to personally encourage and show support!" - Rotary Club of Calgary West While the Rotary Club (top left) and the three companies pictured here – Aucerna, Bantrel and Suncor – [...]

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