By Katherine Matiko, Communications Coordinator, Catholic Family Service

For the past 18 years, Catholic Family Service has offered a unique mentoring program that brings student-athletes and kids together on Calgary’s university campuses.

But after redesigning the program to give parents a larger role in the mentoring relationship, we realized the name Athletes Mentoring wasn’t a perfect fit.

So, as of September 19, 2017, the Athletes Mentoring Program has been renamed Crew!

“Our name was confusing,” said Crew Coordinator Daniel Prasad. “People thought we were all about developing athletic skills. Crew is about building self-esteem and social skills for youth age 10-14 while bringing families closer together.”

Daniel said the young students love spending one evening a week at the University of Calgary or Mount Royal University with members of the men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams.

“The kids get to hang around with athletes, but they don’t have to be athletes themselves,” Daniel said.

“The new name reflects the fact that everyone is part of the Crew: kids, post-secondary athletes, parents, volunteers, funders and partners.”

Want to Join the Crew? Here’s how:

  • If you are between the ages of 10 and 14, you will be matched with a student-athlete who will become your mentor and friend. You don’t have to be an athlete yourself – Crew is all about friendship and fun. You will spend time with Crew members one evening a week taking part in one-on-one and group activities.
  • If you are a varsity athlete, Crew will help you develop leadership and communication skills. It will give you the opportunity to help build self-esteem and confidence in a young person’s life.
  • If you are a parent, you play a critical role in the Crew, helping to cultivate the mentor-mentee relationship, set goals and celebrate your children and their accomplishments. Since parents know their kids best, your job is to share insights about what is going on in your child’s life and help monitor your child’s progress. You will take part in peer group sessions and attend fun family events.
  • If you are looking for a unique and rewarding volunteer opportunity, you too can be in the Crew. Become a group facilitator and help nurture and guide the mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Finally, you can be part of Crew by donating dollars, time or gifts to this worthwhile program.

For more information, contact Crew Coordinator Daniel Prasad at 403-205-8524, or email