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Thank you Calgary for helping us celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2017. Throughout the year, we will share success stories from clients, volunteers, staff and supporters whose lives have been impacted by our commitment to build strong families.


“A few years ago, we sought out counselling at Catholic Family Service because our then five-year-old daughter heard a scary item on the radio. It was a horrendous story about a woman who had been kidnapped. It never occurred to me that my little girl would be listening in the back seat. That night, she . . . Continue Reading

December 5, 2017


“I started at Louise Dean Center in 2005, two months after my son was born. Grade 11 with a baby? Stroller parking, breastfeeding between assignments, all girl classes? While my friends were out travelling and attending parties, I was learning which baby foods to introduce, changing diapers and budgeting for groceries. Louise Dean Centre and . . . Continue Reading

December 4, 2017


“When I signed up to volunteer at Catholic Family Service, I was just beginning my first year of the Bachelor of Education program at St. Mary’s University. I knew that I enjoyed working with children and I wanted to do as much volunteer work with them as possible during the school year. My assignment was . . . Continue Reading

November 28, 2017


“For much of his life, my Dad, Frank Bach, felt gratitude for his association with Catholic Family Service. Although his tenure as its director extended from 1965-1968, his journey began in the autumn of 1956, when Fr. Pat O’Byrne, with characteristic vision and resolve, opened a door . . . Fr. Pat visited Wenatchee, Washington . . . Continue Reading

September 21, 2017


“I was hired at Catholic Family Service in the summer of 1985. I planned to work there for five years in order to fully benefit from their matching RRSP program. I remained for 27 years!! Those years were spent at the Louise Dean Centre. I entered the doors with some trepidation as I was not . . . Continue Reading

September 12, 2017


“I found out about the Never Too Late program through a friend who sent me the link captioned “Free school!!!” It was the perfect time for me to go back to school. I had recently beat seven years of addiction and, on top of that, just found out I would be having a baby! I . . . Continue Reading

August 10, 2017


“I was asked by Greg Campbell, the CEO at the time, to come on the Catholic Family Service Board. I’m not sure when that was – about 15 years ago, I think. I knew that the agency was involved in personal counselling and marriage preparation, but I was overwhelmed when I found out everything CFS . . . Continue Reading

August 8, 2017


“Who wouldn’t want a night without cooking during the hectic week? A night when my family would HAVE to sit together and talk? A night where my kids could play with other kids and my husband and I could have a treasured fifteen minutes alone? When Catholic Family Service was promoting Families and Schools Together . . . Continue Reading

July 20, 2017


Tanya: “My mom thought being busy with the Athletes Mentoring Program might help with the anxiety issues I had. AMP made me feel more confident and social near people. I learned to trust new people and open up to new friendships. My mentor Anna is so patient and kind and I feel comfortable with her which . . . Continue Reading

July 6, 2017


“This photo was taken in 1998, the year I was a parent volunteer for Families & Schools Together. The program was just getting started in Calgary and the principal at Blessed Damien School (now St. Damien School) asked me to volunteer. Actually, I had no idea what to expect. I just said sure, I’d get . . . Continue Reading

June 28, 2017

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