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Thank you Calgary for helping us celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2017. Throughout the year, we will share success stories from clients, volunteers, staff and supporters whose lives have been impacted by our commitment to build strong families.


“This photo was taken in 1998, the year I was a parent volunteer for Families & Schools Together. The program was just getting started in Calgary and the principal at Blessed Damien School (now St. Damien School) asked me to volunteer. Actually, I had no idea what to expect. I just said sure, I’d get . . . Continue Reading

June 28, 2017


“I never pictured myself as a CEO. But after working for CFS for a year and a bit, the CEO at the time, Fr. Jack Kirley, called me into his office. I thought, “What did I do?” He shared with me his intention to retire and encouraged me to consider applying for the position. I . . . Continue Reading

June 14, 2017


“Family time is the most important gift we can give to our children, but in an age full of demands, it can also be the hardest to give. With all of us trying to balance our lives, we also have our children and their activities piled on top. They need to be here at a . . . Continue Reading

June 14, 2017


“I saw the Families & Schools Together flyer at the school and, as a single mom, thought, “Oh, I wouldn’t have to cook dinner one night a week!” It ended up being way more than that. The boys were in Grades 2, 3 and 5 that year. We have a very chaotic life, so for . . . Continue Reading

June 7, 2017


  “A few years ago, after a life-changing diagnosis and several medical procedures, I was left low in spirit. The concept of moving forward was blanketed with a dense fog of isolation, grief, pain and unanswerable questions. My colleagues at Catholic Family Service helped me to emerge back into a place of hope with their . . . Continue Reading

May 31, 2017


“My name is Dante Gibson and I was mentored by Parker in the Athletes Mentoring Program. Parker plays on the U of C Dinos volleyball team. At first, I was really shy in the program. I didn’t want to talk too much. Then the group and my mentor starting sharing our personal experiences in life . . . Continue Reading

May 23, 2017


“This photo was taken in 1992, shortly after I met my daughter Shauna for the first time. I gave her up for adoption when I was in Grade 10. The only people who knew I was pregnant at my high school were the guidance counsellor, Shauna’s father and a few of my friends. My father . . . Continue Reading

May 11, 2017


“When I first came to Catholic Family Service as a volunteer, I was halfway through my first degree at St. Mary’s University with the intent to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I found myself trapped in my own personal bubble of school, work, sleep, repeat. I needed to do something that would make . . . Continue Reading

May 9, 2017


“I have been a volunteer baby cuddler at Louise Dean Centre now for about three years and, without a doubt, it is the highlight of my week. I have developed a deep respect for the young moms and also for the amazing caregivers who provide so much care and guidance to both the moms and . . . Continue Reading

April 26, 2017


“After retiring from a long career in the oil and gas industry, I was looking for volunteer opportunities in which I could provide support for individuals who may be facing a variety of challenges or obstacles. The role of mathematics and science tutor in the Never Too Late program offered by Catholic Family Service checked . . . Continue Reading

April 25, 2017

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