Unlocking Potential (UP) Foundation

UP was established in 2009 as the fundraising arm of Catholic Family Service (CFS). Together, UP and CFS build strong families in Calgary and the surrounding area.

UP is dedicated to “unlocking the potential” for the community to take part in funding innovative, high-impact programs that empower people to “unlock their potential” and thrive. UP rallies the community to build stronger families. We link individuals and companies who are inspired to give a ‘hand-up’ to vulnerable families in Calgary. When we re-frame life’s challenges as something that can be overcome – not someone’s story or identity – we can break the cycle of trauma, mental health issues, addictions and even poverty.

If you imagine a city filled with people – from all walks of life – who care for each other and value strong and vital communities, you need to be part of UP.

The mission at UP is to ensure the sustainability of quality programs that translate into better lives for vulnerable Calgarians.

We envision a Calgary always caring for its most vulnerable families.

Our values: Accountability – Trustworthiness – Integrity

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For more information about UP, contact Jessica Williams, Managing Director of Stakeholder Relations at 403.205.5222 or jessica.williams@cfs-ab.org.

Unlocking Potential

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“When I think about 12×12, the first words that come to mind are “life-changing.” Now I can go to school and be a parent. By not having to worry about how I will pay for everything, I can just focus on school and my kids. It’s the most important thing in the world to me that my kids are OK. They haven’t had it the easiest and they need something to get them through – me!”


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